About the Writer

Derek Berry is an outspoken advocate for conscious self-care and has spent over a decade spreading the word about his favourite subject.

Growing up in a rough suburb of Essex, Derek was not given the best start in life. Both his parents were dedicated caregivers, however financial restraints meant that they often had little time to ensure that Derek was leading a healthy lifestyle. From the age of 8, he was given free reign over when and what he ate – not ideal when the family lived right next to a Fish’n’Chip shop!

By the age of 16, Derek left school with a set of sterling grades and a few pairs of very large trousers. Having found work in the delivery room of his local council, Derek settled into an organisation that would pay his wages for over 30 years. Over time Derek excelled within his role and soon found himself promoted to much better paid positions, however with every promotion he found his weight ballooning. At the age of 48 he suffered a minor heart-event which led to him taking early retirement and seriously assessing his health.

Suddenly Derek had much more time on his hands and a new aim to focus himself around. He began to research healthy-eating and exercise, then a relatively new field, and realised that he had allowed a series of unhealthy behaviours to affect his constitution. This is the point that Derek decided to practise conscious self-care and also help others who may have been in a similar position to himself.

Happily retired, but very much occupied, Derek spends his days practising what he preaches (but still preaching a great deal too!).