What does Advocare do?

Based in Poole, Advocare - Caring for Carers is a charity dedicated to supporting unpaid carers and former carers. We also empower them to speak openly about their needs and concerns without fear of backlash.

If you are or have been giving up a substantial amount of your time to look after someone who is frail, sick or disabled you are important to us: Advocare could be important to you.

Our Caring for Carers service is free to carers and former carers and offers help, information, support and advocacy. The work we do can be on an indvidual basis or through our groups. Having all been unpaid caregivers ourselves we can appreciate the unpaid carer's perspective and help to reduce their anxiety, stress or isolation.

Our Advocarers group usually meets once a month to exchange news and views and discuss matters of special concern to carers. We also have social gatherings from time to time. Some Advocarers seek to use their collective wisdom and experience to improve the 'lot' of fellow carers. We sometimes air burning issues through an Advocarers Forum. Advocarers also act as a reference group on strategies for moving Advocare forward.

If you are feeling alone and you think we may be able to help you, have a burning issue you'd like to share or you would like more information on Advocare's services, please ring our Caring for Carers line:(01202) 737592.

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