Advocare cares for carers

If you are or have been caring for someone who is frail, sick or disabled you are important to us: Advocare could be important for you.

Set up by a group of former carers, Advocare is a charity based in Poole dedicated to supporting unpaid carers of frail, sick or disabled people. Some of us use our own caring experiences to help fellow carers having difficulties in their caregiving role. The following pages describe how we can help them deal with some of their concerns.

We would like to hear from you if, for example:

  • You feel worn down as a carer or former carer;
  • You would like an opportunity to meet people with similar experiences to your own;
  • You have any burning issues about caregiving;
  • You have difficulty using public transport services;
  • You get stressed when taking a loved one to out-patients;
  • You are concerned that your loved one may be at risk of harm or neglect;
  • You are a former carer who would like to help other carers;
  • You would like to help improve the 'lot' of unpaid carers.
  • You think the culture within health, mental health and social care services needs improving.

Please contact Cathey on (01202) 737592 for more information.

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