The needs and concerns of unpaid carers

Unpaid carers generally come to Advocare when they are in 'role overload', struggling with the demands of caregiving or with serious concerns about the care their loved one is receiving from others. They may contact us because they're at their wits' end having tried to obtain a satisfactory resolution to their problem, feel subjugated by 'the system' or fear 'upsetting applecarts'. Some are unable to 'move on' when their caregiving role has ended.

We can help unpaid carers to realise that they do have options.

We can help if you are

  • Concerned about the care your loved one is receiving from others
  • Struggling to get appropriate services
  • Fighting against time
  • Living in dread of a crisis
  • Striving to prevent your loved one going into a care home
  • Putting your own health at risk
  • In need of help but don't know who to ask for it
  • Afraid to ask for financial help in case you lose what benefits you have

We can offer support if you feel

  • Let down or crushed by the 'system'
  • Your needs are being ignored
  • You're regarded merely as a resource
  • Isolated, worn down or 'burnt out'

Now it's over I feel so alone

Now it's over I feel so alone

'Impressions of Caring' reproduced by kind permission of Irene Wackett (1921-2013)

You are not alone so don't suffer in silence!

If you would like to talk to Cathey in confidence please ring our Caring for Carers line: (01202) 737592.

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