Advocare - Caring for Carers

We are a small charity that supports those looking after frail, sick or disabled loved ones. Carers generally come to us when they are at their wits' end having tried everyone else. As former carers ourselves we can appreciate some of the difficulties of unpaid family caregivers. Using our own insights when listening to their story we can understand their perspective.

Our free, Caring for Carers service is run for carers by former carers who offer help, information, support and advocacy.

Help and information

Relevant to the carer's unique situation


Support is available for carers whilst in their caregiving role and at any time afterwards for as long as they feel it is of benefit to them.


We can accompany carers to meetings, assessments, consultations, help with reviews, complaints, appeals. We can also make representations to the appropriate authorities or ask questions on the carer's behalf.


We can help carers deal more effectively with some of the difficulties of their caregiving role and help them to see that they do have options. We can sometimes open fresh channels of communication and encourage statutory bodies to appreciate carers' concerns which improves understanding on all sides.

By caring appropriately for carers Advocare helps them to feel valued. With our independent, carer-centred support we can help to prevent crisis and the unwanted or premature institutionalisation of vulnerable people.

If you are a carer or former carer and are feeling 'stuck' or isolated, or if you need help with any of the above issues please contact Cathey on (01202) 737592.

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