Improving the carer's 'lot'

As far as we are aware, Advocare - Caring for Carers is the only charity of its kind in the country that is:

  • Financially independent;
  • Dedicated to supporting current and former unpaid carers of frail, sick or disabled people;
  • Committed to bringing about a sea-change in the culture of care.

We are striving to improve the unpaid carer's 'lot' and bring about a sea-change in the culture of care by:

  • Enhancing the status of unpaid carers;
  • Elevating the role of sole advocates of vulnerable people;
  • Enabling carers to speak openly about their needs and concerns;
  • Empowering carers to deal with statutory bodies more effectively;
  • Extending and developing our Poole-based Caring for Carers service nationwide.

For details about our projects please call Cathey on (01202) 737592.

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