Advocare was 'Terry's' lifeline

With no respite breaks I went into crisis and my wife was admitted to a hospital. She was in the care of people who did not understand her illness and she was not treated well. She was unhappy and so was I. The separation was doing neither of us any good and I felt helpless.

I was at breaking point and then I contacted Advocare. They helped me to believe I could change things and I did. My wife is now safe, happy environment where she is well looked after. I am hoping that she will soon be able to come home. I am my wife's only lifeline. Advocare was mine.

Also with our help ...

  • Once 'Elsie' realised she was being bullied by her husband's care manager she was able to forestall the decision to place her husband in residential care so they could have their last Christmas together at home.
  • 'Connie', a former carer, was threatened with legal action from a private agency to pay for care she'd thought was free. We helped to alleviate her distress and enabled her to deal effectively with the unfair demand.
  • 'Tom' accessed the treatment his wife should have had two years before on discharge from hospital to prevent her from having more falls.
  • 'Mary', a former carer, was discharged after several weeks in hospital to find she had no food or care support organised for her at home just prior to a Bank Holiday. With our help she received emergency support services within hours.
  • 'Helen' obtained help for her little boy with severe learning difficulties and two much-needed domestic appliances.
  • 'Ted' obtained free care for his severely disabled wife.
  • 'Vera' received the Carers Assessment she should have had two years before.
  • 'James' received the Attendance Allowance he should have been receiving years ago.
  • 'Doris' received a refund of several thousand pounds for care she should have received free.
  • 'Anne' was moved to a more suitable care placement where according to her husband she was treated more like a human being.
  • It was deemed that 'Amy's' mother should go into a care home for respite which meant being separated from her daughter which neither of them wanted. We obtained a respite break for them where they could be together.

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