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Advocare was set up by a small group of carers and former carers to help fellow unpaid family caregivers. Run by carers for carers, Advocare - Caring for Carers is as far as we know the only charity of its kind in the country. We seek to empower unpaid carers to speak openly about their needs and concerns with a free voice.

Anyone over the age of eighteen who is or has been an unpaid carer looking after a frail, sick or disabled loved one may become a member of Advocare.

Why come to us?

Having been unpaid carers ourselves we appreciate some of the stresses involved in caring. Carers trust us and know they can speak openly to us. We endeavour to help those who are overwhelmed by the demands of their caregiving role to find new strategies for dealing with 'the system'. For those concerned about the standard of care their loved one is receiving from others we help them to see that they do have options. For carers who feel 'stuck' when their caregiving role has ended we help them to pick up the threads of their own lives again.

The following are some of the practical issues we help carers to deal with:

  • Carers Assessments;
  • The Carers Register;
  • Lasting Power of Attorney;
  • Reliable, appropriate home care;
  • Small-scale financial help;
  • Unsatisfactory standard of care provided by others;
  • Respite care;
  • Free NHS-funded Continuing Health Care;
  • The Deferred Payment Charge;
  • Institutional abuse or neglect of vulnerable people;
  • Complaints processes.

Our Caring for Carers service

We value unpaid carers as individuals and for the work they do. Our Caring for Carers service is free to all members of Advocare. As well as offering a conventional 'listening ear' we

  • Provide information, support and advocacy.
  • Run Assert, our unique carer-centred empowerment programme.
  • Refer people to free counselling if required.

We also develop projects where Advocare members can use their collective wisdom and experience to improve the 'lot' of fellow carers.

Our Advocarers group

Advocarers are members of Advocare who meet as a small group on a regular basis in Poole. The group provides opportunities for current and former carers to share similar experiences and make new friends. From time to time we have guest speakers, organise informal social gatherings or fundraising events. There are also training opportunities for those who are interested. Advocarers also act as a reference group for Advocare's project and policy development.

If you would like to know more about any of the above, please contact Cathey on our Caring for Carers line: (01202) 737592.

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